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COVID-19 Information

Texas Fury is committed to keeping all of our club members informed and safe throughout the season.  Thank you for your continued patience as many cities, states, tournament hosts, facilities, etc continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  This page has been created to keep all of our members and program participants updated and informed on the latest developments with COVID-19.  

Below you will find the latest information issued by our USA Volleyball governing body, CDC recommendations, important links, and how the club is handling this unique situation.  All players and parents will be advised of our protocols.


Texas Fury COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures

All Texas Fury Parents and Staff are expected to follow the below guidelines regarding COVID-19 exposure, symptoms, and positive tests.  We have created the below steps to help all parents, players, coaches, & staff understand what process to follow.  In addition, this information will help us to protect all players with tracing information and comprehensive case-by-case analysis.

Exposure Questionnaire

Positive Test Questionnaire

Specific Training Policies

Round Rock Sports Center has direct and frequent contact with the City Council, Health Department, etc regarding policies related to safety of all participants including COVID protocols.  Texas Fury will continue to follow the facility leadership to navigate policies & protocols as it relates to the safety of all participants at the sports center.  As the city updates any criteria, it will be shared with our club members and training participants.

Policy Highlights:

  • Anyone entering Round Rock Sports Center for practice must wear a mask.  Masks should cover their mouth and nose at all times.
  • Players are permitted to remove their masks only when on the court actively participating in play.  Any player wishing to wear their mask while playing is permitted to do so.
  • We strongly recommend parents drop their players off at practice and pick them up when practice concludes.  This will help us to keep unecessary contact between        individuals and families to a minimum.
  • Any parent that chooses to stay for any amount of time during practice sessions must wear their mask and maintain social distance at all times.
  • RRSC is a very large facility that generally allows for safe social distancing.  If we begin seeing an uncomfortable number of spectators at practices or spectators do not follow social distancing rules then we will close practices to all spectators.

Round Rock Sports Center

RRSC Letter November 13th, 2020
We’re excited to begin the club volleyball season with you and look forward to practices resuming next week for many clubs.  We remain committed to providing a safe environment for young athletes to participate in sports and we ask for your help in maintaining that standard of safety.  Please remind all of your athletes/families of the following:
All visitors, participants and non-participants alike, to the Sports Center should conduct a self-assessment prior to their visit
  • If symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or any similar illness, are present then those affected should not enter the Sports Center
  • For a list of symptoms, we would refer you to the CDC website
All visitors to the Sports Center should wear a face covering, including participants
  • Anyone entering the Sports Center without a face covering will be asked to leave and not re-enter until they are wearing one
  • Participants may remove their face covering when engaging in athletic activity, if desired
  • Non-participants should wear a face covering at all times while inside the Sports Center
We encourage a limited number of non-participants
  • Non-participants who choose to stay in the facility should wear a face covering and are encouraged to maintain proper distancing from members not of their household
We encourage all visitors to practice proper hygiene including washing hands with soap and water regularly and using hand sanitizer if/when soap and water is not readily available
  • The Sports Center will have a limited amount of hand sanitizer available on-site and all restrooms will remain fully stocked with soap
If the State issues other guidelines that affect our current operation, we will certainly let you know.  Feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.