What to Expect at Tryouts.....

Check-in will begin 30 minutes prior to tryout designated start time.  All Day 2 and 1 Day ONLY  tryouts indicate an additional block of time at the end for team formation and initial team meetings.  Parents do not have to stay for the duration of the tryout, but they will need to be present for the final "Team Meeting" time.

At tryouts players will receive a numbered penny to wear over their shirt.  This penny indicates the position or age group they will be trying out for.  They are assigned a number in the order they register for tryouts.  Players will be scored at all skills stations (height, reach, block touch, attack touch, shuttle, passing, hitting, serving) prior to starting additional drills.  Players will be evaluated for team positions based on their tryout assessment, which includes an overall skills assessment, positional drills, controlled live drills, as well as game play.  

Day 1 of tryouts will include the skills assessment and we will spend the full time indicated on the court with the exception of a short 10-15 minute break.  Day 2 (and Day 1 ONLY) will include court time and an additional time for team posting, team meetings,  contract paperwork, and deposit completion.