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Sister Team Program Details

Our Texas Fury Sister Team Program is intended to unify our players across age groups as well as contribute to our family like atmosphere. The goal is to create a strong camaraderie at Texas Fury that leaves a lasting impression on all of our players and reinforces that they are loved and cared about as young women.

How Does it Work?

Each team will be paired up with another Fury team that is assigned to them.  These assignments will be announced at the first week of practices. Your team will get to decide how you would like to encourage your sister team. The way you choose to encourage your sister team does not have to be only with tangible items, it could be by volunteering with each other, having a game night or even playing volleyball together. Some examples of how to encourage your sister team are:

  • Good luck cards before tournaments
  • Cheering on your sister team at tournaments
  • Snack packs
  • Decorative sideline posters
  • “Prayer – O – grams” to players throughout the season
  • Texas Fury bows
  • A fun practice with your sister team
  • Candy with a creative note
  • Charity Event together


  • All teams must participate.
  • All gifts must be $0 to $5 per player- no more than $5
  • Parents should share the responsibilities and financial obligation.

Team Assignments

Teams & practice day that is the same:
11 Legacy > 14 Inspire (Thursdays)
11 Impact > 14 Legacy (Thursdays)
12 Legacy > 15 Legacy (Mondays)
14 Fusion > 12 Unite (Thursdays)
14 FLEX > 12 Impact (Tuesdays)
15 FLEX > 13 Fusion  (Mondays)
15 Unite > 13 FLEX Blue (Tuesdays)
15 Fusion > 13 FLEX White (Tuesdays)
16 Legacy > 13 Impact (Mondays)
16 Impact > 14 Unite (Mondays)
16 Unite > 13 Unite (Wednesdays)
17 Impact > 15 Impact (Mondays)
17 Legacy > 13 Legacy (Thursdays)
18 Legacy > 14 Impact (Thursdays)